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    Want to start saving water? You can switch to a Mixet® Positive Action shut-off diverter tub spout today and start saving water! You don’t need to have a Mixet faucet to change your current tub spout to a Mixet tub spout. Mixet tub spouts are able to fit most connection types and can be easily installed.. BrassCraft Manufacturing carries a complete line of tub spouts, single lever escutcheons, shower heads, tub repair accessories and more. See our Service Parts Catalog for a complete line of Tub & Shower Repair parts. Ask your favorite retailer for BrassCraft faucet repair parts.

    Look to BrassCraft Mfg. for product quality and choice selection.
    ♔ BrassCraft … Your Best Choice for Faucet and Toilet Repair Parts.

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